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Waterproof agent "Hydro Sky"

What is Hydro Sky?

HydroSky's waterproofing product "HydroSky" is a permeable water absorption prevention material by preventing the deterioration of concrete, water repellent of stone and waterproofing.Factors causing moss and fungi are air, nutrition, water. HydroSky is an aqueous inorganic non-solvent free of hazardous substances "stop water with water" mechanism, it can suppress moss and fungi along with waterproofing effect without changing the texture of the original building material I will. Mold mold spores ride on the wind (air), are carried, adhere to the moist part (water), and the spores grow (nourish). Waterproofing, waterproofing advances the surface drying, nutrition is removed and anti-fungal effect is given. Hydro-Sky's Hydro-Sky product line has become a line-up that can be selected for various purposes, such as waterproofing, water repellent and ground reinforcement.

Characteristics of HydroSky

Moisture inside is released while penetrating concrete and preventing entry of water from the surface. Prevent various harmful effects by giving breathability to concrete.

Mechanism of permeable water absorption prevention material

The permeable water absorption prevention material is a material which impregnates and impregnates concrete, imparts water absorption prevention to the surface layer of concrete, and leaves the capillary as it is and does not inhibit the release of moisture.When silicone is applied to the concrete surface, silicone molecules chemically react at the surface and pores and line up on the inner wall of the capillary. At that time, the organic group (water repellent group) will cover the inner wall surface, preventing the invasion of water. (Water can not pass through the eyes of the silicone but water vapor "moisture" can pass.) At the same time, the water repellency phenomenon is seen on the surface.

Mechanism of HydroSky


Environmental considerations

In general, water-based permeable water-absorbing material takes time to install, has long protection time, is subject to moisture influence, etc. Construction time and region restrictions have occurred. Solvent based permeable water absorption prevention material can accommodate a wide range of concrete, even if it is not dangerous, and drying is also fast without freezing.However, in order to respond to the environmental pollution problem, which regulations will be strengthened on an increasingly global scale, it becomes necessary to change to water-based products. Civil engineering work which is difficult with solvent system, especially work in sealed space such as underground and tunnel is possible.

Aqueous permeable water absorption inhibitor Solvent based permeable water supply inhibitor
  1. Solvent-free (non-hazardous materials)
  2. Low odor
  3. Long-term effects after expression
  1. Construction is easy
  2. Water repelling and waterproofness are quickly developed
  3. Do not freeze
  1. Water repellent, water-proof property is slow to develop
  2. Slow drying
  3. Freezing in cold climates
  1. With odor
  2. Dangerous goods
  3. Environmental pollution


Safety of HydroSky

●There are two kinds of reactivity deterioration prevention material and surface protection waterproof agent in Hydro-Sky, but in both cases there are two kinds of harmful chemical substances accompanying the revision of Building Standard Law, formaldehyde ・ toluene ・ xylene ・ ethylbenzene concerning chlorpyrifos and sick house syndrome of termite control agent ・ 5 types of styrene were designated as regulated drugs, but Hydro ・ Sky is not applicable in either case.

HydroSky is an aqueous mineral.
The reactive component of HydroSky penetrates into the concrete and causes a chemical reaction with the constituents of concrete. After that, moisture is evaporated and the concrete is dried and becomes a stable substance by being integrated. For waterproofness, ingredients penetrated from the surface form a waterproof layer and protect the surface from wind damage (salt damage, frost damage).

HydroSky becomes colorless and transparent as it dries, giving no change in hue to the surface.
The components of the infiltrated HydroSky will not melt or be exposed. Likewise, the main component silicone of the protective waterproofing agent is neutral and not phytotoxic, and it is used quite a lot in our living environment.



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