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Heat island countermeasure
Sky Apollo MX & Sky Apollo silver

Heat island countermeasure
Sky Apollo MX & Sky Apollo silver

Measures against heat island of "just apply" on roof and outer wall

"Sky Apollo MX & Sky Apollo Silver" does not require any special equipment or construction, it provides heat insulation, heat shielding, water proof effect by simply applying it on roofs and outer walls, etc. Building protection of high reflectance waterproof finish It is an agent. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. Enables measures against people and environment friendly heat island.


Reduce indoor temperature change by 15% to 30%. We also save a lot of electricity charges

  • ◎By reflecting solar heat with a paint containing metal powder, it prevents heat absorption and heat storage to the inside.
  • ◎In the irradiation experiment with # 100W Ref bulb, the heat shielding effect of 30 ℃ or more is confirmed in about 30 minutes.
  • ◎By setting the air conditioning temperature reasonably low, you can expect a large saving in electricity charges.

[Outline of Experiment]
Sealed with transparent acrylic board, thickness 5 mm, height 150 mm, width 220 mm, depth 200 mm, so as not to be influenced by the room temperature, install a temperature sensor on the back of the irradiation test body. A 5-mm thick slate roofing ship material was irradiated with a 100 W Ref bulb and the temperature was measured.

  • Measurement of irradiation
    temperature by 100 W Ref Light bulb

    Measurement of irradiation
  • Untreated plate: irradiation
    test plate back temperature

    Untreated plate
  • Irradiation test plate backside

    Irradiation test plate backside

Heat chielding effect of about 30℃ in about 30 minutes

It can be applied regardless of coating method or underlying.
Waterproof /Water repellent effect prevents deterioration

[Sky Apollo MX & Sky Apollo Silver] does not need to select a coating method or a base like a conventional heat insulating paint, and it is not necessary to apply thick coating which will cause cracks. Because it is coated with metal powder, it is not colored with pigment etc., so worry of fading due to aging after coating is unnecessary. In addition, most conventional insulation paints do not have waterproof function, they will halve each effect because they are painted separately, but hydro-sky which prevents neutralization on the base and has waterproof treatment effect By using Sky Apollo MX & Sky Apollo Silver after using SKY-SP, you can exert each effect without halving each effect.

construction image

◎Construction example: renovation work of the slate roof of the factory

It is renovation work of the slate roof of the factory. About 30 years passed, leakage occurred from place to place due to slate deterioration. Containing asbestos is also concerned from the age of building. After high-pressure washing, infiltrate Hydro-Sky SKY-SP which has solidification of asbestos fibers and waterproof treatment effect, and dried. Then apply Sky Apollo MX. Ceramic hollow beads are kneaded in the ingredients, and the insulation effect is amplified by drying.  After drying, Sky Apollo Silver is applied and thermal insulation protection is done. Due to the water repellent effect of Sky Apollo Silver, the roof is washed every time it rains, and the protection effect lasts for a long time.

Sky Apollo MX & Sky Apollo silver manual1 PDF download»

Sky Apollo MX & Sky Apollo silver manual2 PDF download»